SAVE THE DATE! AIC ON 2017: October 06/07
The week-end festival AIC ON is an annual joint event of Cologne-based art initiatives.

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Ungefähr 5, UNG-5 , 5

Ungefähr 5
Originally intended for commercial use, but obviously no longer relevant as an advertising space nowadays, the empty display windows in the pedestrian underpass at the Turiner Str./Eigelstein exit of Ebertplatz underground station offer possibilities for reanimation and conversion through the exhibition of contemporary art in this public space. 5 presents current positions, in particular young and progressive art, in five-week cycles. The spatial limitation imposed by the exhibition space—which is an area of only five square metres—makes reduction a focus for exhibiting artists, as if it were itself a distillation apparatus. Its location in the closed off yet simultaneously public space of an underpass, offers possibilities for the artistic exploration of spatial concepts, as well as confrontations between the private and the public. Art here presents itself to its recipients in everyday life, through its public exhibition and production, becoming experienceable and affecting its own democratisation. [read more]

gerngesehen puts on nomadic, interdisciplinary series of sound art, inter-media concert performances and more, in collaboration with other initiatives and institutions. Finding the most suitable location is decisive. [read more]