SAVE THE DATE! AIC ON 2017: October 06/07
The week-end festival AIC ON is an annual joint event of Cologne-based art initiatives.

Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a newly founded network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne. Subscribe to our newsletter (further down on the website) and receive regular information about the joint activities of the independent art scene in Cologne. Regarding opening dates in the different exhibition spaces, please check our website.

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Fotoraum Köln e.V.

Fotoraum Köln e.V. in Lindenthal is both an atelier and an exhibition platform. Whether it be documentary photography, photo journalism or landscape, experimental, staged or conceptual photography, Fotoraum Köln e.V.’s interdisciplinary exhibition series “Wir haben Gäste” presents international contemporary photography and links it with music, performance or moving images, sometimes also with images the audience has brought with them. The association thus opens up a space for dialogue between artists from various fields as well as between artists and the audience. It shows, in particular, artistic positions that push the boundaries of the medium or subtly place an issue in a new light and question common perceptions. Fotoraum’s began exhibiting in 2001, out of which a charitable association was founded in 2015. The members are themselves all artists and as well as organising the “Wir haben Gäste” series, are involved in projects, exhibitions, book presentations, and portfolio viewings. [read more]


GLASMOOG is a space for contemporary art and its related fields, founded at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) in 2009. The programme connects regional and international, well-known and less well-known artistic positions and flanks, with a view to media arts, the questions and discourses pursued at the KHM. With an exhibition area of almost 100m2, GLASMOOG offers a clear spatial situation, characterised by two large shop windows. Naming the space after the Moog family glazier workshop (“Glas Moog”) that formerly occupied the building reflects on the character of the neighbourhood, which was shaped by handicraft and trade, and into which the art academy has inscribed itself rhizomatically with its ateliers, laboratories, workshops and studios since its foundation in 1989. GLASMOOG functions as a membrane between the art academy, the neighbourhood, the city and the region with a regional-international orientation. Its core activities are a thematic series of exhibitions and events, complemented by artist discussions, performances and concerts. [read more]