The exhibition Dusk and Dawn look just the same embodies our present as an ambivalent momentum. Through a prism of melancholy, an atmospheric presence is dispersed throughout the works capturing an experience of floating, of directionless stasis as attitude towards the world around us. The genesis being the political and economic crises as well as the increasingly digital mediation of our daily experiences.

The shift of social responsibility to the individual seems to further the belief that we now have to face the challenges of our time on our own. The inability to respond to this demand and act immediately, however, causes resignation. What remains is an overburdened subject who conceives a present charged with longing, but one that can hardly be projected into the future. That moment of standstill, however, should not only be understood as a retreat into lethargy, but as a refuge of reflection that makes an uprising imaginable again.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the video work of the same name by the artist Manolis D. Lemos. Dusk and dawn, two terms that are uniformly translated as twilight in German, describe a moment of upheaval between the past and a new beginning that can be seen on the horizon.

Curated by Layla Burger-Lichtenstein, Susanne Mierzwiak, Kerstin Renerig