Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) is a network of independent, non-commercial art and project spaces, art initiatives and festivals in Cologne, founded in 2015. An overview of the initiatives involved, detailed information as well as a current exhibition and event calendar can be found on our collective website:

AIC is organised in the form of an association and initially brings together around 45 Cologne based initiatives who exhibit, produce, discuss and mediate contemporary art. The aim of AIC is to actively promote the position of Cologne’s independent art scene both regionally and internationally, as well as to improve internal networking, through collaborative activities, publications, exhibition and event projects.

AIC– Art Initiatives Cologne / Kunstinitiativen Köln e.V. is funded by:

AIC – Art Initiatives Cologne / Kunstinitiativen Köln e.V.
c/o Petra Gieler
Stammstr. 35
50823 Köln

Board members (since 12/2019)
Heike Ander
Doris Frohnapfel
Rosanna d'Ortona
Achim Riechers
Aneta Rostkowska

Former board members: Petra Gieler (12/2015–12/2019), Martina Höfflin (12/2017–12/2019), Stefanie Klingemann (12/2015–12/2017), Anne Mager (12/2015–12/2017), Maria Wildeis (12/2015–12/2017).

Independent and/or non-commercial art initiatives in Cologne that have been regularly presenting exhibitions and projects for more than a year are welcome to apply. The AIC members' assembly will decide quarterly on the admission of new members. Current members of Art Initiatives Cologne (AIC) / Kunstinitiativen Köln e.V. are about 45 Cologne art initiatives, presented here (as of December 15, 2017). Please get in touch with one of them beforehand to learn more about our aims and ambitions.
The annual membership fee is EUR 10.
If you are interested in becoming a member with your initiative, please send your informal application to: Thanks.

Member's only
AIC logo for download: